Suddenly Royal Review

Suddenly Royal by Nichole Chase
This reminded me a lot of The Princess Diaries (Meg Cabot). But Samantha isn't a geeky awkward high schooler. She's a graduate student who is helping take care of her ailing father and working towards being a Wildlife Biologist. One day some Lilarian royalty comes to campus, Sam tries her best to ignore them, even if the prince is pretty cute, thinking they are only there to donate to the school. At least until she gets a personal dinner invite from the Duchess via one of her bodyguards. It's at that dinner her world is turned upside down.  She is told that she herself is a Duchess of Lilaria, and the Queen wants her to return and reclaim her title and  her families lands. One more person pushing her to go is Prince Alex, or as her best friend calls him, "Prince Yummy". He tells her all about the better health care options for her father, and the wildlife that he knows she loves that is just waiting for her, and she agrees to go. When she gets there, she discovers how much of a play boy the prince in from other royals and the help of the internet but it doesn't stop her feelings from growing for him, and her new country. 

I admit, the things Sam had to do to feed the birds made me cringe! If your a squirmy type be warned of the bird feeding parts and what she has to chop up. It's a cute read, and you do root for "Prince Yummy" among all the other men that try to go after America's Duchess.

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