Sunday, April 21, 2013

Kind of Cool!

Author, Katheryn Lane, ran a contest to name the Heroine, the Heroine's Mother, and the life guard of her newest series, The Sheikh's Beloved. My name, Mandy, was picked to be the Heroine's mother's name!Katheryn contacted me earlier this week about it, I suggested my name on her blog post. Thought it was pretty cool, can't wait to read the series and see what the character that will have my name is like! Here was Katheryn's Facebook post about my name being one of those picked:

Thank you for all the wonderful suggestions for names for the characters in my next sheikh romance series, The Sheikh's Beloved. There were so many beautiful ones that it was hard to choose, but the winners are Tassie (Twitter entry) and Mandy H (blog entry). Thank you!

Here is The Sheikh's Beloved's cover:

Check out Katheryn Lane's Website HERE

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