Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Something Fun!

I thought this might be fun and maybe get people to interact with us a bit. I'm going to post pictures of actors/actresses I picture in some of the book series I've read and reviewed. Then you tell me who you picture! All reviews are located on the right of the page -----------> Check them out too!

Wide Awake by Shelly  Crane:
I had a little bit of a time picturing the roles of Mason and Emma. But these are who I see:

For Mason, Zac Efron, now, not the High School Musical Days. Mason is strong, has tattoos and is soulful. And I think Zac really matches his description.

For Emma, I picture her looking "Sweet and bubbly" but also confidant and determined. So for her, I imagine someone like Megan Park.

Beautiful Disaster/Walking Disaster by Jamie McGuire:
I don't know if there's anyone who is the "perfect" Travis and Abby, but these are as close as I can get!

For Travis, Chase Crawford. He has the right look for Travis, I'm pretty sure he could bulk up to be a fighter, and in this pic, he's already got a motorcycle like Travis!

As for Abby, she needs to be someone who can pull off the "poker face" and still look like the sweet and innocent girl that Abby tries to be. So my choice for Abby is Ashley Benson:

Inside Out Series by Lisa Renee Jones:

Chris is a sexy motorcycle riding Artist with a troubled past, he's got longish blonde hair and is known to be seen in a leather jacket. My choice for Chris is Chad Michael Murray:

Mark is a determined, take no prisoner type boss who tries to flirt himself into Sara's life as he runs the prestigious Art gallery he owns. I picture him kind of like George Stults:

Sara was a highschool teacher who stumbled upon a journal written by another woman who led a very sexy life and then vanished. Sara steps into that life and into the world of Chris Merrit and Mark Compton. I picture her like Ashley Greene.

And then there's Rebecca. The woman who wrote the journals and then vanished, that brought Sara into it all. I picture her like Michelle Trachtenberg.

Now tell me your choices!

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