Beautiful Disaster Review (Beautiful #1)

Beautiful Disaster by Jamie McGuire

Abby was doing all she could to be the opposite of her father. Being a perfect student, a good friend and just keeping to herself other then with her best friend, America. But then, Travis Maddox walked into her life. The exact opposite of the kind of life she was trying to run away from. Travis is a  fighter, and a player with a reputation. On a bet, Abby ends up staying in the apartment with Travis and his cousin, Shep (who is also her best friend's boyfriend) and  then her carefully put together new life starts to unravel and her past tracks her down. Abby's father is a legendary poker player who lost his luck, and blames Abby for it. Abby inherited that luck and has to fix her father's mistakes, pulling Travis into the mess with her. Travis and Abby have to learn to fight for their relationship to, no matter how they try to fight the feelings, Travis will do anything for his "Pigeon" no matter how big the opponent.

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