Walking Disaster Review (Beautiful #2)

                                                    Walking Disaster by Jamie McGuire

It's really different being in Travis' head this time around. I think in Beautiful Disaster, like Travis says during Walking Disaster, Abby really was in her own little bubble and kind of had Travis on a certain kind of pedestal. In Walking Disaster, we get to see the real Travis. And Travis isn't just the tough guy we saw so much of in BD, we get to see his emotions. We get to see how much he truly loves Abby and all that he put himself through over it. I also really enjoyed getting to see more of his relationship with his Dad and brothers, you can see how much he loves them too. Definantly read Beautiful Disaster first, seeing things from Abby's POV puts Travis' POV in perspective and helps you get things that we don't see through Travis's eyes. And I totally loved the epilogue! It's great to see so many years ahead and know that Travis and Abby are still in love, and strong, and their little family is perfect. I can't wait to see what happens in Travis' brothers books and I hope Shep and America get a book sometime too!

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