Obsession Review (spin off from the Lux series)

Obsession by Jennifer Armentrout
I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVED this book.Also, This book is ADULT.  This book can be read as a stand alone but i think it is best read after book 3(Opal) of the Lux series(GREAT series) There are two kinds of aliens. The Luxen and the Arum. You meet both of these in the Lux series but it is mainly about the luxen. This is your chance to see things from an Arums point of view. From reading the Lux series you get the idea that the Arum are the enemies and are evil and horrible. Which the ones you see pretty much are. The Luxen are the good guys. Well that is not the case in Obsession. i was shocked seeing how terrible the Luxen we see are. Yes there are still some bad Arum but it looks like the Luxen are who started this feud on their original planet. The main character Serena witnesses something that she shouldn't have saw. The DOA get an Arum (Hunter) to keep her safe and try to find out more info on what she seen. Before going with him she almost gets killed my a Luxen that is supposed to quiet her. Hunter shows up and kills the Luxen right in front of Serena. She now finds out that it was a Luxen and he is an Arum. She has a little trouble coming to terms with this but overall i think she did pretty well. She is extremely attractive to Hunter even after knowing what he is. Over the says she is there they start getting closer and Hunter isn't as tough as he usually is around her. He is really interested in her and even kills to protect her. Not even when its his job any more. There are some sizzling sex scenes and Hunter is hot hot hot.It was great to see him kinda become more human. i know its not possible but he really is trying for Selena. You do get to see a certain Luxen in this book and boy was it soooo nice to see him. I miss him and can't wait for Origin. You find out what the Origin is. Kinda gives you a glimpse and heads up on what to expect in Origin. This book gives you a lot of background on the Arum and what they think of Luxen. It also proves that an Arum can love. This book as it all. action,love,sex,info and it even had me laughing at a few parts. Another thing i loved was that you get to get in Serena and Hunter's heads.  I really hope to see Serena and Hunter in Origin. I'll take as much of them as i can get.  :)

“Never in my life had I been more frustrated. Go figure it wouldn't be with a human but a freaking alien. At least I now knew that the male species were asses no matter what planet they hailed from.” 

“I smiled then—a big, toothy idiotic smile— and Serena didn't see it. Her eyes were closed, which was good, because I was turning into one big vagina.” 

“Somehow, in the relatively short time I’d known Serena, she had wiggled her way into my cold body. She was my light, my warmth, and I wasn't ready to let her go.” 

“It wasn't about the age-old battle of Arum versus Luxen. I wasn't fighting to feed or to work off aggression. I wasn't fighting because I was told or was obligated. 
I was fighting for Serena.
She meant everything to me. 
Knowing that, fully understanding what that mean, I was on a motherfucking warpath.” 

“I smacked my hand across my mouth, muffling my scream. I wasn't sure what to be more freaked out about in this whole fucked-up situation-that light bulb wanted to kill me? or that he was a light bulb? or that Hunter could apparently shadow poof and put his hand inside someone? The options were limitless” 

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  1. Thanks for the review !. I have read the whole series but I didn't know about this book.