Leo's Chance Review *Contains Leo Spoilers!*

Leo's Chance by Mia Sheridan

As you know from my review of Leo that i absolutely LOVE this story. Leo's chance is the same story but from Leo/Jake. It is SO nice to be inside his head. I Love him even more after reading this. You get so much more than everything that happened in Leo. You what happened in the hospital while he was recovering and his conversations with the hospital psychologist, Dr Fox. He is really a huge part in helping Leo heal from everything that has happened to him from his real father to his adoptive mother. My heart broke all over again seeing how Leo felt with all the things that sick woman did to him :(  Through out the whole book you really see how much he loves Evie and how he has always loved her since he was 11. 

And now… I’m going to show her how deep my feelings are for her and make her trust down to her soul that I want to take care of her. Because I do. And then when I tell her who I am she’ll know who we can be together.

Leo has a hard time telling her who he really is. He is so afraid that when she hears what happened to him that she will be disgusted and want to leave. So keeps putting it off and making up small lies to keep her from finding anything out. He promises that he will tell her soon, once she really gets to know him. 

"Thank you," I say quietly, bringing her hands to my mouth and kissing her knuckles. "I never want to do anything to hurt you, Evie. Everything I do, it's because my feelings are so strong for you… I … Christ, I'm so out of my element here and there are all these fucked up things… Just, be patient with me?" And then my sweet Evie does the one thing that no one has done for me in eight years, the one thing I couldn't have even asked for because I didn't know how much I needed it. She puts her arms around me and holds me close.

You also get to find out what happen's to his so called mother. There is another epilogue that is different from the epilogue in Leo. You get to see the proposal that takes place 2 months after the book ends then 9 years later. It is so nice to see how strong their relationship is that far down the road and how happy they are. So yes i would definitely recommend reading this (after reading Leo of course), as i love this one just as much as i loved Leo. 5 stars for me

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