The Perfect Game Review

The Perfect Game by J. Sterling

Jack Carter has a reputation. A bad one. He's a player, never stays with a girl for more then one night and every girl would kill to be his. 

Cassie is dedicated to photography and just wants to make her dream of being a professional and working with a magazine reality. 

When Cassie first spotted Jack at a party she was attracted to him, no matter how much her best friend tried to tell her he was nothing but bad news. It doesn't take much for them to get under each others skin. Everywhere across campus they cross paths and even Jack's brother realizes how different Cassie makes him act. When they finally give in to the attraction, Cassie tells him to "prove" how much he really cares, because he has to follow her rules of being her boyfriend, and many of those rules are things he has problems with. Jack tries to change to follow these rules, but a few drinks in him and he makes a huge mistake that costs him his relationship and his heart. Jack and Cassie have to fight through a lot to find their way back to each other and prove that they are all in, no matter the craziness that is bound to happen.

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