Wide Awake Review

                                                  Wide Awake by Shelly Crane

Before: Emma was a spoiled, perfect  cheerleader who loved pink and had a footballer boyfriend who called her "babykins". Then one night after the season opener football game, Emma was the victim of a hit and run that left her broken on  the side of the road, and that Emma, died.

After: When Emma woke up, the only one there was Mason. This Emma's mind was blank, no memories of anything or anyone in her life the last 19 years. Once the people in her old world try filling her mind with memories of who she was, she quickly realizes that she's not the "Emmie" they knew and loved anymore, she doesn't like the color pink or love her boyfriend, Andy. But she is finding out that she has feelings for her personal trainer, Mason, who has been by her side for the whole six months she was in a coma. Mason's family has been victimed as well and has left him feeling responsible for everyone. Emma finds out that their paths had crossed before and she feels like their relationship was tainted by his insight of who she used to be. But Mason shows her he is truly devoted to her, and Emma eventually finds away back into the hearts of her family to help them realize that while their spoiled daughter is no more, she is still standing in front of them with a new path in life and will do all she can to be a new kind of normal, all with a check off her list.

Really loved this story! Mason is very charming and I love how he cares for Emma even before she realizes it. Can't wait for Milo's story!

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