Tiger's Curse Series Review

Tiger's Curse series by  Colleen Houck

Kelsey needed a summer job. The circus was coming through town and the employment agency assigned her to it as a helping hand. After finding the beautiful white tiger among the animals, she feels connected and goes daily to read him poetry or just sit and talk away the hours. Before the circus leaves, Kelsey is asked to come along with Ren to India when he is sold to a wealthy businessman. After getting permission from her foster parents, she sets off and soon after setting foot in India and going towards the Tiger Reserve, Ren the white Tiger transforms into a man. He is in fact a long lost Indian Prince who was cursed along with his brother to be a Tiger for the rest of his days. Kelsey sets out on the tough journey of helping Ren find his brother, and then finding out how to break the curse once and for all so he may live as a human again for good.

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Hardcover Boxset

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Tiger's Curse

Tiger's Quest

Tiger's Voyage

Tiger's Destiny

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