Sunday, August 11, 2013

Sweet Thing by Renee Carlino Review!

Sweet Thing by Renee Carlino

Sweet Thing is about a 25 year old woman named Mia flying  to NYC to take over her dad’s café after he passes away.  There is so much emotion. In her memories of her father it really feels like you get to know him and lost your own father. I found my eyes tearing up a few times when Mia was missing him. He taught her so many things while she was growing up. She got her love from music from him too.  On the flight to NYC from Detroit this handsome musician, Will Ryan, sits by her on the plane.(He is totally swoon worthy too) Because she already has a plan on what kind of guy she should be with and a musician does not fit that plan, she tries not to get too interested in him. She really doesn't want to fall in love with a  musician,even though she has a passion for music herself. On the flight they talk and get to know each other a little bit. She tells him where she will be most of the time and tells him to stop by for coffee anytime. Thankful for her father’s friends Martha and Sheil that she grew up around when staying with her father and her good friend Jenny she gets the hang of running the café and living in NYC. She brought her 13 year old yellow lab. I fell in love with that dog. He was so sweet and loveable. She runs into Will and he ends up becoming her roommate. They spend more and more time together and play music together at home. She loves spending time with him and considers him her best friend.  She keeps trying to push away any other feelings she has for him. It is obvious that he is crazy for her.  He is so great with Jackson and that made it even harder to stop having feelings.  Another  tragedy happens with Jackson and that actually brings Mia and Will together. She admits her feelings but has a hard time letting go of her vision of how life would be and ends up pushing him, almost ruins any chance for them. Luckily as time passes she finally allows herself to heal. Once that takes place Will is finally ready to give her another chance. He wants it all or nothing and he is totally in love with Mia. I was so happy when they finally got together. The whole book I was hoping she would just wake up and admit her feelings so they could be together.  Though it took a while Im glad it worked out the way it did. Her losing Will and finally moving on from her father and Jackson’s death and losing Will and finally coming to terms with what she had and lost is what changes her into a better person.  She finally was able to have FAITH in other people which is something she never was able to do.  Those are the changes she needed to finally be happy. I give this a 4.5-5 star rating. It was a great story about loss,love,and how you have to have faith in the people you love. You go with Mia on this journey and you mourn and fall in love just like she did. She drove me a little crazy sometimes but i understand that she had to heal and move forward in life. Great read and would recommend it to anyone :) 

“Wilbur, I want to have like a million of your babies.”
He looked happier than I had ever seen him.
“Really? Should we start now?”
“You are your mother and your father. You are your experiences and your fears and the love you let yourself feel. You are your degree and your talent and your passion. You are your pain, your joy, and your fantasies. You are me and Sheil and Jenny and Will and every person that touches your soul..but most of all you are you, whoever you dream that to be.” 

“Maybe it was fate that I sat next to her that day, or serendipity, divine intervention, who knows? However you look at, I got seated next to the first girl to ever really steal my heart. I was in love from that moment on.” 

“I believe his exact words were cosmic, soul-shattering, air in your lungs kind of love.” 
“For Jackson: The best damn dog in the world. RIP, Buddy.”

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