Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Forbidden Forever by Christy Dilg Blog Tour!

Laney Collins has been married for 15 years to a man who she once upon a time thought was her pefect man. But now, her body is different after giving birth to 2 kids and aging and her husband has decided that he doesn't want her like that and continually berates her for it. He doesn't seem to care how much it kills her a little more every time he yells out an insult or that he is slowly but surely pushing her into someone else's arms. Fate brought Laney into Dr. Chance Turner's office to be his new assistant. He is also a married man, but not happily so, and every day the attraction between Laney and Chance escalates. One night things with Michael (Laney's husband) finally prove to be too much and she ends up at his door. It takes a lot of strength from both of them to get past all the craziness and let go of their respective marriages that are no longer what they used to be. I really hated Michael, he was awful, it made me glad that Laney was able to escape his grasp. Chance felt like he had to be with his wife because of what a night of passion brought them, but there was no love there, but he finds his heart in Laney. Chance is great for Laney and her kids, he truly loves and cares for them and does everything he can to show it. I'm looking forward to more from this author! 

"Let's do this. Get to know me away from here and then I will prove to you that we belong together, that I can be a great stepdad to Callie and Kaleb, and we can stop being miserable apart. I want to show you how much I care for you and treat you the way you should be treated. Remind you every day how amazing you are and how beautiful you are. I want you to see the beauty I see every day when you look into the mirror, to always know how perfect you are."

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About The Author
Christy Dilg was born, June 19th, 1978. She wrote her first erotic romance in 2013, called “Forbidden Forever.” She works full-time at the local hospital where she lives in Florida. Christy’s hobbies include decorating cakes, and photography. She loves going to concerts, and reading in her spare time.

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